Mounting Evidence Confirms Oligo's Superior Antioxidant Protection

Superior Nutrition Just Like Nature™

Fruits and vegetables absorb raw minerals from the soil, and bind them to organic compounds such as protein and fiber.

It is this bound form of minerals that our bodies are designed to absorb and utilize.

10 Times More Available for Absorption

Oligo was created to be Just Like Nature.

Only Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds (amino acids and oligofructose) to mirror the way they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to maximize solubility.

Oligo-bound minerals are over 85% soluble in the intestines; up to 10 times more
soluble than the unbound minerals used in One A Day™ and Centrum®.‡

Maximum Antioxidant Protection

Formulating minerals Just Like Nature has another important benefit.

Minerals in traditional supplements can trigger massive free radical activity during digestion. These free radicals can actually cancel out the benefits of antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Oligo minerals are different. Oligo protects these critical antioxidants up to 5 times better than the leading brands. As a result, your body gets more of the nutrition it needs most for more energy every day and a lifetime of better health.

Compare and Save

Because traditional vitamins and minerals are difficult for your body to absorb, it would take nearly FIVE bottles (990 pills) of Centrum® to have the same vitamin C and copper available for absorption as you would get from the Vitality Pack with Oligo.

*When tested against the sulfate, gluconate, oxide, and fumarate forms of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc (the forms commonly used by almost all commercially marketed nutritional supplements) at intestinal conditions.

†Solubility of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc at intestinal pH (7.0–7.2). Solubility for Melaleuca’s form was determined as percent of ingredient remaining in solution at pH 7.0 after being at pH 1.0 (stomach conditions). Competitors' ingredients solubility data taken from Merck Index and Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

‡Trademarks are property of the respective owners.

§Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product prices from, April 30, 2010. Prices may vary.